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omega started this conversation

Financial help with home mortgage, repairs, educational assistance, bill payoffs, free money to fix up home and car and grants to maintain a business

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woman in a shoe   in reply to goldylocks
The person that u posted to not been on here sent 2005. But I don't know of any place that will pay for car repairs
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My car, a 2004 Ford Focus, lost its clutch as I headed home from the doctor a couple of days ago. Luckily I had towing insurance and was towed off the freeway to a car repair service. I cannot pay the bill. I am a senior 67 yrs old living on a Soc Sec income. I am already behind on my rent and other mandatory expenses. I live in a town miles away from my family and medical assistance. It is imperative to have a car since no one, even family members want to help. Can you help me?
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I am a 45 yr old woman I desperately need to do some home repairs on my home. I have search online and called different organization and its always a close door. I work a fulltime job can some lead me are share some information on where can I go to get a home repair grant please
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my daughter *godsgift*   in reply to pyram
hi my name is tiffany I just wanted to let you know at job and family services they have an application to fill out for helping with fixing your vehicle you may qualify for that
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I am a 63yr.woman who is retired but wants to work, which i could do if my car was running. It needs a new fuel pump and a good person to install. I have been tricked by several people who said they had replaced part, to the tune of 1300.00 each time. No longer have the funds to do this. Please help as i don't know what else to do. Thank you
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 in response to CATLUV...   While an auto repaired by an automotive school sounded like a great idea to me, after searching the web I found no local technical college teaching Automotive Repair anywhere near me. The closest is hundreds of miles away and they specialize in motorcycles. Long story short: Growing old and frail, and desperately need auto repaired in order to survive (visit doctors, shop etc) I frankly don't trust many of the grant help for disabled or auto repair grant organizations. I'm looking for more bright ideas.
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Baby Huey
 in response to CATLUV...   I just got started good moving lots of hay for ranchers and farmers when my truck went down. Can anyone steer me in the right direction on getting my diesel 1- ton truck fixed ?????
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 in response to urblessed2...   

I understand that you're dealing with a lot, and therefore are in need of many things, but as far as your vehicle, you may want to check out local technical college's and see if they offer programs for mechanical and body repair, as typically they will work on a car free of labor charges. And the labor charges are usually the largest portion of a car repair bill. Then for parts you can seek out wrecking yards. Here's a little more info on this idea: Finding Financial Assistance and Avoiding Scams: Low Cost/Free Car Repair Idea. As far as basic monthly costs and avoiding eviction, paying rent, utilities, etc., there are several resources and their respective web site's listed here: Finding Financial Assistance and Avoiding Scams. Starting with or calling 211, may be the best place to start looking for help as well, as you can input all of your info regarding needs, and location, and they will come up with various resources in your region available to you. Several charities require an eviction notice before they offer help, so please don't lose hope in your search for assistance. There are additional financial assistance related ideas and resources listed on the pages I have linked above. If you have any questions about these or other ideas, please don't hesitate to message me. Best of luck! Cat

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I'm a 57 year old woman in desperate need of help, paying this (8/11) months rent, I've received an eviction notice. I have not been able to find work, being eveicted and two days a go my car 2000 Subaru Forester was in a head on accident after i had just had it repaired. I have so hard looking for work, with none insight I have now become so distraught finding out today I need to move by this Monday and my car seems to be totaled, which is not covered by the little bit of insurance I had on it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, God and the Angels are working on it!
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I'm a single woman i need help bad i own my home and i can't get a grant cause i make over 100 dollars..Please i need some one to help me i have a roof to get repaired ,brickwork to the front of my house,my heater needs work..i have no one that will help at all.i work for a living to pay bills and to put food in the house..Please get back to me every winter i'm cold..and when it rain and snows the house is falling more and more
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 in response to INEEDHELP3210...   you can actually apply for AER - Army emergency relief. google it and you should find it easily.
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well here are some DIY repair you can use to and they have online tutorials on how to repair a certain problems of a car. check out the Honda repair for more info.

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Ajay Rich
Hey I am 20 years old. I am a college student currently working hard to get a computer science degree. I live in a rural area in Georgia and everywhere you go you need a car. I purchased a 96 Honda Accord earlier this year and it has multiple problems that I don't have the money for. My parents do not provide much financial support because they struggle under bankruptcy and I really need some help. I am desperate at this point because I need my car running again. With a crazy school schedule and trying to find work to help me get through school I really need this. Would love your support and thanks for your time.
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 in response to secretangel...   


I love your enthusiasm and desires. I love animals too.

See if NACA can help you with your house.

You might want to think of buying a HUD home for sale and hanks55 here has more information.

Homes for Sale

Several federal agencies have properties to sell. In fact, HUD sells both single family homes and multifamily properties. Check them out- one might be just what you're looking for!
Single Family Homes for Sale

-     From HUD
-     From the Department of Veterans Affairs
-     From Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
-     From Internal Revenue Service
-     From US Army Corps of Engineers
-     From Customs
-     From the U.S. Marshals Service
-     From the Department of Agriculture Rural Development
Related Links

-     From Fannie Mae
-     From Freddie Mac
-     From
Multifamily Properties

-     From HUD
-     From Fannie Mae
-     General Services Administration
-     Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Good luck



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First, I want to work! I love working and getting a paycheck. I retired from nursing but I am considering returning because I am behind in my mortgage and other bills. The cost to return to nursing/case management would include updating my license to active status, completing a 30 hour education class and CPR class. I am also interested in working with animals. Although I have no experience except with my own dogs, I have the compassion. I have a BS degree in Organizational Management and I am unable to at least find an entry level position in human resources. I am currently in graduate school and hope to graduate in 2012-2013 to work in chaplaincy/social ministry with a focus on representing foster children. I need finances to catch up with my mortgage and I want to become independent again. I am even willing to consider fixing up my house to sell and buy another home in a state where I can afford to live financially. I have even considered having someone assist in fixing up my home to sell as an investment. There are so many routes I can take, I just need some help financially so I can get ahead until I find employment and/or graduate. Where is my angel?
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i am a single parent of 2 child currently unemployed and laid off. we are despreately in need of help with car repairs otherwise we are not able to grocery shot, my daughter get ot and from rtutoring at her school, my son get t his soccer practices and games at his school, or me continue my job search. it is very cold and hard for us ot catch buses from where we reside. can anyone help or offer advice? we live in tampa.
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I am a 58 year old disabled single woman, with blood clots in the legs and lungs. I cannot walk hardly at all and need desparately help, to repair my car. It's a 1996 Geo Metro and needs an axle repair, transmission repair and looks terrible because the sun has scorched a hugh portion of the car. The lefts side window does not come up and needs replacement, there is no mirror on the drivers side, no antenna, radio or blinkers. I desparately need any help that could be available. Please help me because I help myself to the best of my ability but this is too much. If my car doesn't get repaired, I don't know what to do. Any help would be a God sent. Please help if you can.
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I am a veteran Marine trying to work my way through xray school and raise kids, and take care of my terminally ill brother, and my car blew the heads i have paid over half the bill but still owe 1458.00 and I need it to do my externship so I can graduate and enter into the medical field and have a chance at giving my family a better life than I am now , working for a commision based hvac company. I really could use some help please!!!

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Need immediate assistance with car repairs. I am an in store demostrator and require to drive my car to work and back as I have to assemble my table and carry alot of stuff for the demo and therefore cannot take publi c transportation. This is my only means of income.

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